Merry Christmas!

This year's Christmas animation follows a church choir (albeit a small one at this point) as they journey around a very snowy city singing "Joy to the World". In each scene we see Jesus ministering to someone's needs, a homeless veteran, a lonely woman, a sick child. My idea for this animated short was to create what you see here this year, and then spend the next few months embellishing it and repost it next year.

My goal is to add more and more animated characters and objects to fill the scenes. Characters walking through the scenes, more cars and trucks, more people and animal characters, and definitely more kid characters in the choir singing, and nervous kids frozen with stage fright are just a few of the things I hope to add. I lost some of my production time this year, so there isn't a whole lot animated in this the original version. I guess that just leaves me even more room for improvement. Watch and enjoy!

To watch this video on Vimeo: Joy to the World.

I usually post a link to the digital version of my card here, but as I said I lost a lot of production time back in October so I didn't have time for a card this year. Watch for the card next year though, as it will feature a snowy city scene based on the artwork from this short. If you would like to see animation from last year click here. For more on this year's animation, what's been done, and updates on the rest of the project check in on my blog after Christmas, I'll post there. Thank you for stopping by, again Merry Christmas and may God richly bless you!