I created this animation using a new(to me) process which allows for faster loading on the web, and more versatility in the composition of the objects in the animation. Previously I would have had to either create one giant animation that would take forever to load on the user end, or I would have to do a moderately large animation and build the frame around it. Here I have used absolute positioning in css and positioning of objects on the Z axis. So the sky and grass in the background is one png, the letters in "CHIP" are on different layers, the tree another, and the only thing animated is Chip in his car. I used Flash to animate that so I wouldn't have to do it frame by frame (which would have taken a while with those little wheels and tires turning all the way. Then exported as an animated gif, with a transparent background. An animated gif can be layered, where a swf cannot.

The entire project took me about 10 hours to complete, and was a lot of fun to work on. I am hoping that, in addition to using this concept on the headers of my own web pages, that it will also generate business in the future.