Gospel & Grub! is an animated short I created that promotes the event of the same name at Hockinson Community Church.
It's Jesus Calling! is an animated short I created for presentation to the youth group at Hockinson Community Church.
An Animated Interview with Cyrus is an animated short I created in a pitch to win a job with a new client.
The Searcher is a book trailer for a children's iBook (of the same name) I created.
Exploring China is a book trailer for a children's book (of the same name) I worked on for a couple months. The project got sidelined while I finished up the trailer and iBook for The Searcher.
Monkey Walk is a short looping walk cycle I hand anmimated in Photoshop.
Gigantus Amongus
Gigantus Amongus an animated short I produced on my own. It took me about a month working in my spare time.
Hungry Native
Hungry Native is another animated short I produced on my own. I got the jungle sounds and drums from a cd of sound effects. I have always enjoyed using 2D characters in a 3D environment.
Tub Noir
Tub Noir is an animated short (very short, only 16 seconds long) that I produced on my own. It's a 3D scene that I put together in a couple of days just for fun.
Mojo Beans
Mojo Beans is an animated logo I did for a fictitious coffee company.
Fantasy was a trailer for an animated short that never got produced. I was one of a handful of people at Hash Inc. that worked on Fantasy. I designed characters and environments, built models, painted textures and animated on the project. In this scene I did the texture mapping on the bugs, and I'm not sure if Josh Riley or I animated the flying action on the bugs.
Chip's Gocart
This web-animation is layered together using css and html. It's lightweight and loads and plays well in all environments.